About SIGN Project

SIGN or Signature project is a tron based utility token used to build power full e-commerce platforms to support crypto adoption.We already developed few projects.We believe our effort really brings value to tron Blockchain with real world use cases.

Projects are unlimited : many projects under single token

Get monthly TRX dividends from all of our projects

Use our native token SIGN to purchase products with extra cashback

We will support TRC10,TRC20,ERC20 and all major Tokens in all of our projects


We have seen a massive amount of token sale with simple projects and ideas.Many of them are fake and some projects are still developing.Next ebay and next amazon is not arrived yet. Traditional e-commerce sellers not ready to accept crypro because they don’t trust decentralized platforms and the bigger problem is that it’s not easy for normal users to buy products using crypto.


Our mission is bringing crypto to main stream and encouraging adoption rate by developing easy to use platforms to bring more users to crypto industry.We promise our projects are easy to use and blockchain phone will be our next project level, we are introducing a new concept to smartphone industry.


Before ICO we introduced electromarket and first ever payment gateway for accepting trc10 and trc20 in addition to all known coins like BTC,ETH,XRP,BNB.We have multiple big projects under SIGN and  we won’t stop developing projects.We got more than 500k products to sell via our platform,building innovative dapps and big Blockchain Phone concept is also under process.


For crypto adoption

World Wide Platform:

Our platforms are worldwide and we will ship products to all countries

Safe Transactions:

Very safe and secure transaction with blockchain payment system

Crypto Payment Systems:

BTC,ETH,XRP and top cryptocurrencies accepted with many TRC10 and TRC20 tokens

The main issue

of decentralizing decision-making and transparency and reliability

Many ponzi scams and fake projects ruining legitimate crypto projects

Why Blockchain is best for e-commerce

Our Ecosystem based on blockchain and blockchain is the future of secured transactions

Distributed Ledgers

Usually, a public ledger will provide every information about a transaction and the participant. It’s all out in the open, nowhere to hide. Although the case for private or federated blockchain is a bit different. But still, in those cases many people can see what really goes on in the ledger.That’s because the ledger on the network is maintained by all other users on the system. This distributed the computational power across the computers to ensure a better outcome.

Faster Settlement

Traditional banking systems are quite slow. Sometimes it can take days to process a transaction after finalizing all settlements. It also can be corrupted quite easily. Blockchain offers a faster settlement compared to traditional banking systems. This way a user can transfer money relatively faster, which saves a lot of time in the long run.These blockchain important features make life easier for foreign workers. Many people travel to another country in search of a better life and job and leave families behind. However, sending money to their families overseas takes a lot of time and could become fatal in time of need.

Enhanced Security

As it gets rid of the need for central authority, no can just simply change any characteristics of the network for their benefit. Using encryption ensures another layer of security for the system.Well, it’s extremely secure because it offers a special disguise – Cryptography.Added with decentralization, cryptography lays another layer of protection for users. Cryptography is a rather complex mathematical algorithm that acts as a firewall for attacks.

Decentralized Technology

The network is decentralized meaning it doesn’t have any governing authority or a single person looking after the framework. Rather a group of nodes maintains the network making it decentralized.This is one of the key features of blockchain technology that works perfectly. Let me make it simpler. Blockchain puts us users in a straightforward position. As the system doesn’t require any governing authority, we can directly access it from the web and store our assets there.

Make transaction easy and with a less fee.

Blockchain fees are lower when its compared with traditional payment methods.Since the early days of bitcoin, one of the many things people mentioned as an advantage over other systems is “free” or low transaction fees. This has changed over time, leading some users to support the concept and others who feel that fees are not.One purpose of transaction fees is as an anti-spam/DoS measure.

ICO Crypto
Token Economics

Our initial coin offering will run till softcap reached. Full details of the ICO can be found within the platform.

1002184 TOKEN ID
100,000,000 TOTAL SUPPLY
chart Token Allocation
  • Token Sale Program 60%
  • Reserve Fund 8%
  • Team and Founders 15%
  • Board Advisors 4%
  • Ecosystem Development 7%
  • Marketing and Bounty 6%
chart Funds Allocation
  • Engineering and Development 40%
  • Business Development 12%
  • Marketing & Promotion 20%
  • Legal & Regulation 10%
  • Operational & Administration 8%
  • Contingency 4%
  • Partners 6%


Our roadmap is a planned where we take on the most complex problems and turn them into great solutions

Beta Products

We released beta version of some of our projects and more beta versions are coming soon





Tron Token Payment Gateway



Core Team Member

Bharath B R
CEO & Lead Developer

Bipin C S
Customer Support Head

Sujith A C
Web developer


Below we’ve provided a bit of Tron Signature Projects. SIGN Token,electromarket, and few others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch via email.

Tron Signature Project is a bundle of projects that will mainly focus on Tron's real world adoption.SIGN token holder gets monthly dividends from all of our projects for lifetime.

You can purchase with TRX on Telegram for instant purchase via seedit bot,You can also buy using other tokens.

Simply Join Vindax and buy tokens with Launchpad section

Using SIGN you can buy products on our e-commerce platforms with extra cashback and holding SIGN gives Trx dividends from all of our projects

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