Android Tips to Improve Your Smartphone Performance

android tips and tricks
android tips and tricks

Using Android smartphone can make your life easier. There are several tips to make your device more useful. Here are we present Android tips and tricks to increase its performance.

  • Maintain your smartphone like a computer.

Android can do more activities than iOS. So, this OS needs more power in order to run smoothly. If it is impossible to upgrade your smartphone to the new version of processor, you can maximize what you have. In order to optimize your Android smartphone, you can delete unused apps and remove the widgets you do not use. To boost your smartphone performance, you can end the running app that takes too much RAM memory.

  • Customize your Android home screen.

Android home screen is different from iOS. If you use Android, you can have a home screen that is full of apps icons. But, if you want simpler appearance, you can use your home screen to show only the cool widgets.

  • Add the information about owner.

This tips may not be able to ensure that you can get back your smartphone after losing it. But, you can edit the security setting to add the owner info. Go to your Android phone setting. Then, select Security and Owner Info. you can write your contact information on the little box provided. This information can be shown on your lock screen.

  • Try the different launchers.

Android users can try to use Launchers. This app allows the users to edit the default home screen. The most popular launcher is perhaps Nova Launcher. You can change the home screen appearance.

  • Use OK Google.

You can ask your smartphone to do some tasks without touching it. Just use the Google Voice to control your device. Activate this feature so that you can start searching just by saying,”OK Google”.

  • Show useful info on the lock screen.

The Android users may only know that they can put necessary widgets on the home screen. But, rarely knows that we can do the same on our lock screen. This way, you do not need to unlock your phone in order to see some useful information. To do this tip, you can go to phone setting. Then, go to Security section and click on Enable Widget. After that, you can go to Lock screen and swipe it left. You will see + Sign. Click on this sign to select any widgets you need.

  • Get Apps not only from Google Play Store.

You not only can download any application from Play Store. You also can download any application you like from Amazon if you want.

Those are some general tips to increase your Android phone’s performance. You also can use your smartphone to improve productivity.

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