Must Have iPhone Apps for Your Daily Life

best iphone apps
best iphone apps

Apple App Store offers more than one million apps for iPhone users. with this wide range of selection, how can you decide the best app that suits your need? You should note that there are some must-have iPhone Apps that will make your life easier.

The applications presented below can give you many benefits. But, now, we do not talk about social media app like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. The apps below may give you some essential benefits for your daily life.

  • Google Maps.

iPhone has a built-in navigator app called Maps. But, if you want to have more detailed navigator application, you should download Google Maps.

  • Billguard

Billguard is a handy apps to help you to manage your finance. This app may offer the same features as the major bank app. This app enables to manage the spending habit. Billguard also can give you some notifications about the charges that you may not use.

  • Buffer

Buffer helps you to schedule your post on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn. This app will suggest you time posting time when most of your followers will watch it. You also can see the statistics of your post. This way, you can check the performance of your post.

  • Dashlane

This app is very useful for those who like shopping online. Dashlane can save the payment and the confirmation. So, if you may lose it on your email, you still have the backup files. This app also helps you to track your spending. You will be also easier to find the receipt.

  • Fooducate

Fooducate helps the users to scan the product barcode in order to check its grade. This app will show you the grade of food based on its calories and ingredients. So, you can get a clear information about the food products you will buy.

  • DropBox

There are various cloud service you can select. But, it can be said that DropBox is one of the best iCloud storage app. Dropbox enables the users to view the files they store across the multiple devices. So, you can save and view the documents from your phone, desktop computer, laptop, or tablet.

  • Duolingo

Duolingo is a language-learning app. This app can help you to learn new languages. It provides free lessons for the users to make them easier to master the new language.

  • MyFitnessPal

This app helps you to exercise. You can set the realistic goal for the fitness plan. It helps you to keep track the meals, counting calories, and burn the calories.

  • Wallpaper apps.

In order to make your iPhone more stand out, you should use Wallpaper apps. This way, the appearance of your home screen will not boring.

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