Practical Tips to Boost Your Productivity with Smartphone

how to improve productivity with smartphone
how to improve productivity with smartphone

Most people only use their smartphone to access the social media. They may not aware that they can boost their productivity by using this smart device. No matter the type of phone and the operating system they use, they can maximize the usage of this device.

Here we present several practical tips to boost your smartphone productivity.

  • Share the website with PC by using Pocket.

Pocket can be used for Android and iOS. This apps will be useful when you need to read many articles. Perhaps, you want to save it and read later. Pocket enables you to save the web pages only with a single tap. Then you can synchronize the pocket plugin on Firefox to read it on your computer.

  • Use Mindfullness app.

It is undeniable that the smartphone is the source of distraction. But, your device also can help you to maintain the relaxation. Simply use mindfulness app such as Calm and The Mindfulness App. You can do 30 minutes of meditation to make you more relaxed.

  • Use Do Not Disturb Mode.

If you want to work effectively, you should block all distraction from your phone. You can turn on the Do Not Disturb Mode on your smartphone. This way, you can work effectively without an disturb of text message, phone calls, and other notification. Usually, people use this feature when they are at the bedtime. If you use iPhone, you can turn on DND feature by pulling down the top of screen to access the Control Panel. Android also has this feature. You can find it on quick access button.

  • Sync the notes with computer.

It is difficult to share the notes and documents to your desktop computer. But, if you move those documents to cloud, you can access it whenever and wherever you are. You also can access it with other devices. You can use Microsoft One Note or Evernote. This app can sync what you write with your phone and computer. You also can use Google Docs or save your files in a cloud service such as OneDrive and Dropbox.

  • Use smart keyboard.

If you want to type faster, you can use smart keyboard. The default keyboard sometimes is too slow. For iPhone users, they can use Swype keyboard. If you never use this app before, it seems weird for you. But, you can learn to use it and you will be able to increase your typing speed.

There are various iPhone apps that makes your life easier. Just explore Apple App store to find the apps that suit to you.

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