Recommended Android Apps to Ease Your Life

1weather android app
1weather android app

For android users, installing some apps can support their daily activity. There are various useful Android apps outside there. Most of Android applications has simple user interface so that it can be used easily.

In this article, we try to list down several Android apps that will be useful for your daily life. The apps below are still good to use by Android version that is lower than 10.

  • 1Weather

It is undeniable that 1Weather is the best app for Android. It offers simple features with attractive design. This app shows the current weather, a radar, weather forecast up to 12 weeks, as well as other stats. It also offers customizable widgets and stuff such as a radar and weather notification. The user interface is simple. It shows weather fun facts as well. This app is available for free but it consists some ads. To remove the ads, you should pay $1.99.

  • Google Drive.

This app serves as a cloud storage for Android users. It offers 15 GB free storage for the new users once they sign up. If you need more storage space, of course you can buy it. This app is special since various Android Apps are attached to it. For instance, it includes Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Photos, Google Slides, Google Calendar, Gmail, and Google Keep. It also offers Photos App and Keep Notes. Some of those applications offers sharing features, live collaboration, and compatibility with Microsoft Office.

  • Google Maps.

Who does not know this popular app. This online map is very useful. It not only offers maps and navigation but also the access to place of interest. Luckily, this map can be used offline too.

  • Google Assistant.

It is a powerful application you must have. This app can be run in most of Android devices. You can ask it to do anything. Google assistant supports various commands such as controlling lights or even doing your math problem.

  • LastPass Password Manager.

It is one of a must-have apps for your android device. This app serves as password manager that allows you to save the login credentials safely. It also can help the user to generate the impossible password for your account. You can control it by using a master password. This app can be used not only in smartphone but also for tablet and computer. The premium version of this app only costs $12 each year.

Those are several apps that make your life easier. You also can do some Android tips and tricks to make it more useful.

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