Surprising iPhone Tips You Must Know

iPhone tips for new users
iPhone tips for new users

iPhone can be a magical tool that can help you to do many tasks for your everyday life. But, many iPhone users do not know the secret iPhone tips and tricks that can improve the usage of their phone. As a user, you need to learn your phone’s features in order to improve the device’s potential.

This article will explain some interesting features on iPhone. Doing the tips and tricks below will make you easier to do your daily duty and also can increase your productivity. So, let’s get started with several useful tips below.

  • Customize the alerts for different person.

You can set custom alerts in order to differentiate the people that contact you. This way, you will know who is calling you without looking at your iPhone. You can set it on Contacts app.

  • Install iOS beta version.

Before the new iOS is launched to public, Apple usually offers beta version. You can install the iOS beta version to experience the new features offered.

  • Set your iPhone as magnifier.

You can turn your iPhone into a magnifying glass. This feature is very useful for people who are difficult to read a text. Just go to Setting > Accessibility > Magnifier. Then, you can toggle on Magnifier.

  • Use one iPhone for two pairs of Airpods

Surprisingly, you can connect 2 pairs of AirPods to the same iPhone. This way, you can listen to the same music with your friends.

  • Unsubscribe to certain service.

When you no longer need any service, you can unsubscribe it to avoid getting charged.

  • Migrate Android to iOS.

When you decide to leave your Android smartphone, you can migrate your files from Android to iOS phone.

  • Force to reboot iPhone.

When you get stuck on an app or your iPhone freezes up, you can force your iPhone to reboot. But, the way to reboot iPhone depends on the phone model.

  • Update all of your apps at once.

You can update all apps just in one click. You usually need more hours or days when iOS updates all of your apps in bulk. But, you can opt to update the apps manually.

  • Ask Siri to show the password.

When you are blank and forget your password, you can ask Siri to retrieve your password. You just need to say “Hey Siri, show me my password.” Siri will authenticate you in order to show the saved password.

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