The Way to Improve Your Productivity with Your Smartphone

the way to improve your productivity
the way to improve your productivity

The aim of using smartphone is to improve your productivity in your life. Unfortunately most people waste their time on using their phone uselessly instead of using it to do something useful. Smartphone combines many technologies in a single device. That is why using this device should be able to improve our quality of live performance.

Smartphone is equipped with several features like navigation, messaging, camera, alarm, music player, etc. We also can add more apps to our smartphone to make it more useful. Here are several tips to improve your productivity with Smartphone.

  • Task Scheduling and Time management.

Smartphone can help you to manage your time and daily task. You can prioritize your task and accomplish it with ease. Use a special app to help you schedule your daily task.

  • Search for anything on your phone.

It is such wasting time when you are trying to search for something on your phone. You can try to use built-in search feature. This tool is available by pulling down the Home Screen. This way, you can search anything quickly. If you use iPhone, you can try Spotlight Search. This feature is more powerful and practical than Android. This feature also can help you to calculate the simple math problem without using calculator.

  • Install Voicemail.

The voicemail feature is very useful. Luckily, iPhone has a built-in visual voicemail. iPhone users can view the list of voicemail and they can select which mail they want to listen by tapping it. It does not matter if you use Android since you can download this app on Google Play. This apps is compatible with T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint.

  • Let the smartphone read aloud.

Checking the smartphone while driving is dangerous and illegal. But, you can save your energy by letting your smartphone read aloud the text or message you want to read. This feature is available for iPhone. You can ask your iPhone to read any emails, web pages, text message, app screen, or Kindle books. To enable this feature, you can go to Setting then click on General, Accessibility, and Speech. You should turn on the Speak Screen. Now, you can ask your iPhone to read aloud for you. simply swipe down from the top of screen by using two fingers.

  • Delete Social Media.

The research states that most of people use their time scrolling their social media. This makes them less productive. So, in order to improve your performance you should delete your social media.

Those are some tips to increase your Productivity by using smartphone. Try other tips to boost your performance and productivity.

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